Updating WIM images in Configuration Manager 2012

This week I was triggered by a question on the support forum of the Configuration Manager 2012 CEP about a nice new feature in Configuration Manager 2012. With Configuration Manager 2012 you are able to service your OS Images by integrating the latest Software Updates from the Configuration Manager Console. Let’s see how this works.

When you want to update Windows 7 WIM files in an Configuration Manager 2007 environment, you need to use tools like DISM to update your images offline. In Configuration Manager 2012 a real cool new feature is there to update your WIM images in the Configuration Manager 2012 console with updates that are approved in Configuration Manager 2012. Be sure to configure the Software Update Point and Software Update Deployments.

  • Start the Configuration Manager 2012 Console and browse to your WIM image that you want to update
Select the Image and click on Schedule Updates
  • Select the image and click on Schedule Updates
Select the updates
  • Select the software updates that you want to install into the WIM image and click on Next
Select a schedule
  • Select a schedule or choose As soon as possible and click on Next twice.


Review the actions


  • After scheduling review the settings and click on Close
In Process
  • You can monitor the update process by viewing selecting the Windows 7 Enterprise object, which shows above the “In process” status. After the process is finished you can view which software updates are installed by selecting the Update Status tab like shown below. You can also monitor the process by viewing the  OfflineServicingMgr.log which is updated in the logs directory.
Installed updates

Another real nice feature that is implemented in Configuration Manager 2012 and makes the life of the Configuration Manager easier. This test is done with a standard Windows 7 WIM Image from the installation DVD and a custom Windows 7 image.

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  1. I’m trying to update my Wim images but the controls to Schedule Updates to the mare not enabled so I cannot update them. any idea on how to fix that?

  2. Hi Peter,

    When I open the “Schedule Updates” I don’t see any Updates. I only see an info which says “Listing of updates is still in progress”

    My SUP is configured and sync was running as well. Do I need to download the Updates to the Update package before I see Updates here? What is missing here?

    Thanks in advance


    1. Hi Michael,

      I will look into it, I have reconfigured my lab with RC and I will try to reproduce your issue and come back with you!


      1. Hi Peter,

        thanks for your help but you can ignore the issue now.
        I already found the problem. I didn’t have a Win7 package with Updates created, therefore no Updates were available.
        Everything is fine now. 😉

        Again thanks for your help!


  3. Hello Peter;
    I have updated my WIM with CM2012 following this process. I have an update that I need to remove from the WIM. Is there a way to do this within CM2012. Or do I need to copy the WIM down to my local machine alter it with DISM to remove the update and then add it back to the CM2012 environment?? Any help would be appreciated.


  4. Never mind Peter Just found your other blog post about removing the update using DISM. I will proceed with that blog post. Thanks again.

  5. After applying all available updates to the image wim, and putting that image on a fresh computer, updates show that they are installed under installed updates, but still show up in software center as needing to be installed. We are using SCCM 2012 R2 SP1. Any ideas why the computer doesn’t think the updates are installed?

  6. And if the WIM is updated outside of SCCM, how do you get the newer version distributed? The update distribution point button did not work for me. Surely I don’t have to delete the existing OS Image and put it back in?

  7. Finally offline updating in SCCM, still missing the option to select 1 or more Software update packages instead of the current selection options 🙂 but this saves me alot of time.

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